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The Results Are Five-Fold:
(1) An unexpected and welcome bond just begins to develop between parent and child due to the questions that accompany each video.

(2)  With these questions, critical thinking skills begin to develop.

(3) Students actually witness proof of what their human nature is capable of – what they can achieve on their own and the success they can enjoy today. Self-discovery is rewarding and even fun. Imagine this result for your child.

(4) Students get a sense that American history is persuasive, rewarding, and very personal. Or, in teen talk, “awesome.” 

(5) Our children get to watch actual proof of their ability to be imaginative, courageous, generous, empathetic, decisive, independent, and self-reliant. These are American values, which our kids will readily embrace

Witnessing how valuable these values are, they will likely be disposed to protect them. As a result, they may not notice that they are unknowingly becoming patriotic. Plus, these videos provide a bonding experience.

Because of the common sense that's illustrated in each of these true stories, religion and politics are not used to manipulate any of the stories or life lessons.

But... practicing the values in these videos can awaken the divine in each student.

Our children can feel great about themselves and recognize that – for the very first time – their lives have value and meaning.

What do you suppose happens to their self-esteem after repeated exposure to these inspiring videos? Sign up now.

Why One Video Per Week?

Ask a teen a question that requires some serious thought. What's the immediate response we all expect? "I don't know!" The answer should be treated like a fine wine that needs time to age. Your student may need time to "age" his/her answer. The accompanying graphics, which you can print and post, will help a lot.

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